Renewable Energy
Paying for electricity? Turn this into an investment. Solar is affordable.
Advantages of Solar?
  • Solar will be around...forever! As long as the sun is shining you have your system working for you.
  • Sunlight is free.
  • Very little maintenance required.
  • A very silent producer of energy.
  • Reducing the energy burden of fossil fuels.


Disadvantages of Solar?


  • When night falls you generate no electricity. Back up may be required. Grid tied systems store energy into the grid and you take it back as required.(advantage)
  • Must be pointing due south to maximize amount of sunlight.
  • Initial cost...but once installed system works immediately producing free energy.(advantage)
Suline will provide photovoltaic services such as:


  • Site assessment to determine if solar is a wise solution and viable investment.
  • Work with First Nations and Metis communities to provide training to utilize their own workforce to cut labour costs providing benefits to both Band and member.
  • Sales and system design.
Inspection Services

Suline Inspections will provide the following services to its clients:

  • Compliance monitoring with strict adherence to the Canadian Electrical Code and project specifications.
  • Complete inspections including Permit Service Reports accompanied by Client Summary Reports.
  • Preparation and control of the Quality Management System documentation prior to project commencement.
  • Review quality inspection personnel qualifications and training requirements.
  • Monitor the disposition of all issued non-conformance reports.
  • Monitor the implimentation of the approved site QC plan.
  • Consulting services that coincide with the Client Engineered Projects.