About Us


Suline Inspections is a young and progressive company that was formed to perform regulatory inspections in the province of Northeastern Alberta, specifically the Lakeland region.


Our directive to the renewable energy sector coincides with our long term passion to the environment. Seeing how photovoltaics have become a viable and reliable source of energy we now can assist our clients to help realize their potential.


The expertise and the certification required for the photovoltaics installation and system design are items that are not to take lightly. With over 375,000 watts of solar energy inspections, we have this sector covered.


The employees of Suline Inspections are fully certified within their discipline and have completed the required courses to be certified Safety Codes Officers. The electrical discipline employs a licenced Master Electrician and Electrical Safety Codes Officer.


All Safety Codes Officers are kept updated through yearly seminars and conferences as code revisions and changes to the industry are introduced. Additional benefit is that the Safety Codes Officer is presented first hand exchange of related job information to enhance job performance and promote consistency which is a benefit to all team members.